Our Heart

Zero2Hero want to see today’s children building confidence in who they are, bringing out the best in themselves and their capabilities, to gain resilience from the difficulties they face around them, to develop and adopt fundamental virtues in all that they do throughout life.


Our approach to learning is one of a ‘Holistic’ view. We believe this is the key to each child’s success.  When educators take a holistic approach, it goes beyond nurturing, they pay attention to children's physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well being as well as the cognitive aspects of learning, and one that helps to build the foundations in preparation for  the child to become a well-rounded adult. 


As such, holistic education is based on the idea that children can be taught in a more natural setting, engaging in a hands-on meaningful way. We believe in creating strong foundations that support this approach and together as parents and educators we can strengthen the teaching of these ‘threads of learning’ as we continue on this journey of building up the ‘little hero’ within our tamariki.

At Zero2Hero we believe play is an essential part of a child’s holistic development. For many educators and parents ‘play’ has attracted a negative ‘time wasting’ connotation but in reality play is a vital part of every child’s development.  It allows them to test ideas, work through uncertainties, explore social interactions and make sense of the world around them.  Play has no predetermined outcome or time limit.  It is not about an end product but about a process.  It’s the exploration of ideas that is crucial. 


Play is simply children’s work. Come play with us! 

You are most welcome to read our current ERO report completed by the Education Review Office:  https://ero.govt.nz/institution/10423/zero2hero-homebased-education#content-1