How it works

Zero2Hero want to support you into the right placement for your child. We meet with the family and the educator to help assist with any queries or information, or simply be with the child while parents and educators chat for the first time. Zero2Hero have a team of dedicated educators who share the same idea as our parents – they want the very best outcomes for your child too.

Little Hero

Our Home Based Educators care for children in a health and safety compliant home as per Ministry of Education Licencing criteria. They provide education and care for up to 4 children at one time. Only two of these children can be under two years of age. Educators can include their own children in the 1 educator : 4 child ratio.

All Educators complete a thorough recruitment process. They must be vetted by the NZ Police Vetting service, hold a current First Aid certificate and are fully vaccinated. All family members living in the home over the age of 12 years are fully vaccinated also.


Our Educators are well supported and mentored by a fully registered qualified Visiting Teacher on a regular basis.  Zero2Hero encourage professional growth and provide Professional Development workshops throughout the year when available.

Zero2Hero have an open door policy for families and are committed to communicate and consult with families/whanau. We encourage whanau to contribute their aspirations of learning for their child/ren. 


Zero2Hero support WINZ subsidies and 20 hours ECE for families. If the educator wishes, the families deal directly with the educators for fees and payments. 


Zero2Hero organise outings, end of year events, provide a weekly playgroup and subsidise weekly gymnastic sessions.


Our Educators continuously plan and implement learning engagements for children and are guided by the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki and their Visiting Teacher when assessing children’s learning outcomes.

Each child has an online learning profile portfolio which the family can invite other members to view. Both Educator and Visiting Teacher contribute to this and we encourage whanau to do so too.


If you would like to know more about our policies and day to day operations please feel free to complete the enquiry form. We are happy to clarify any queries you may have about our service.